Karin's village was raided by Goblins. The Goblins killed Karin's family. She was able to survive the Goblin Raid with the help of Evan. She followed Evan and has been traveling with him since.

She gained experience & knowledge through her adventures with Evan this enhanced the healing magic she already possessed.

While in Terra Karin spent time teaching healing magic to the young magicians of Terra, and the villagers addressed her as the Master Healer.

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One day, Rudy found a wounded lady who fell out of the sky, and called for Karin's help. Karin's healing powers brought her back to life, and she was named the Miraculous Healer.

Karin left the school she was teaching at to aid and heal those who required her assistance, and people now address her as a Saint.

Karin suffers from the effects of the curse of destruction after saving Evan. She is also kidnapped by Bai Jiao and Dellons, who wanted to sacrifice her. The Seven Knights wanted to kill her, but for different reason: to save the world. She seems to be a pure blood.

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