Karon Edit

"Providence of nature is the law." - Karon

Backstory Edit

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A druid that takes care of the Mothertree, the largest tree in the Mystic Woods. He might come across as priggish, but he strictly abides the laws of nature. (4* Nature Druid Karon)

Although he make come across as prim, his unparalleled love for Mystic Woods helped him become an elite Elementalist. (5* Elementalist Karon)

Karon developed into a Master Elementalist, ruling over Mystic Woods and its spirits. His nature magic is second to none. (6* Master Elementalist Karon)

Passive: Protection of Nature Edit

All allies become Immune to Stun for _ turns. (2 turns, 4*) (4 turns, 5*) (6 turns, 6*)

Skill 1: Healing Nature Edit

Recover an ally's HP with % Magic Attack. (170%, 4*) (180%, 5*) (190%, 6*)

Skill 2: Nature's Breath Edit

Heal all allies' HP with % Magic Attack. (65%, 4*) (70%, 5*) (80%, 6*)

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