Little is known about kyle's past before he became a four lord. He rose to fame after killing a man named "Reaper", who was the previous leader of the shadow clan & father of Ballista & Kyrielle. Because of this, Kyle is pursued by Ballista, who is seeking vengeance for the murder of her Father. His origins are a mystery.
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His only unsuccessful mission was against Teo, another member of the four lords. It's unknown who hired Kyle to kill Teo. The unsuccessful attempt at Teo's life left Kyle with scar across his face. The battle ended in a draw and lasted 3 days and 3 nights. Due to his strength, he was formerly a member of the four lords.


attempted to assassinate Taka of the Night Crow but lost the fight. Bai Jiao appeared and infused him with the Power of Destruction, but Kyle ended up going berserk due to the rage he harbored for the Night Crow. He awakens when Bai Jiao inflicts some power of destruction into him and fights Taka. He wants to destroy the Night Crows and finally defeat Teo.

Costumes Edit

Kyle - Destroyer of the Abyss icon
Destroyer of the Abyss
Kyle - Diver's Vacation icon
Diver's Vacation
Kyle - Silver Flash icon
Silver Flash
Kyle Destroyer of the Abyss Screen
Kyle Diver's Vacation Render
Kyle assasin costume screen
Kyle - Fiery Summer Vacationer icon
Fiery Summer Vacationer
Kyle - Guild Guardian icon
Guild Guardian
Kyle - White Wafers icon
White Wafers
Kyle costume
Kyle Costume Guild Guardian Screen
Kyle Costume White Wafers Screen
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