Lina Edit

Backstory Edit

Decendant of the legendary Yin-Yang Master Cheong Myung,


Lina has a superb understanding of Yin-Yang, and is also savvy with musical instruments. (4* Muse Lina)

Lina believes that musica has the capability of moving the hearts of all creations. Lina's moving performance earned her the title of Yin-Yang Muse during her adventure. (5* Yin-Yang Muse Lina)

Through her performances, Lina developed a greater understanding of the Yin and Yang. Deemed a worth decendant of Cheong Myung, she was given the title of Legendary Muse. (6* Legendary Muse Lina)

Passive: Dissonance Edit

Decrease all enemies Physical Attack/Defense by %. (10%, 4*) (15%, 5*) (25%, 6*)

Skill 1: Marching Anthem Edit

Heal all allies with % Magic Attack. This effect will last for 2 turns. (40%, 4*) (50%, 5*) (60%, 6*)

Skill 2: Warm Echo (originally named Warmth Echo) Edit

Increase all allies' Damage by % for 2 turns. (35%, 4*) (40%, 5*) (50%, 6*)
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