Mao Song Edit

"Mao Song is strong as he defeated a tiger with his bare hands. Tsing Tao is his good drinking buddy." 9-7


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Backstory Edit

On his way home from a journey, Mao Song came across people terrified by a nearby tiger. He rushed to aid, slaying the tiger with his bare hands. (4* Tiger Slayer Mao Song)

News of his feat spread to his hometown, and when he returned home, he was appointed as the Town Guardian. (5* Town Guardian Mao Song)

He formed and led an organization that is responsible for fending off bandits. The stories of his good deeds started to spread far and wide. (6* Leader Mao Song)

Passive: Tiger Skin Armor Edit

Become Immune to All Attacks for _ turn(s). Additionally, with each normal attack, decrease cooldown by _ seconds. (1 turn, 5 seconds, 4*) (1 turn, 7 seconds, 5*) (2 turns, 10 seconds, 6*)

Skill 1: Dual Blade Slasher Edit

Attack an enemy with % Physical Attack. Critical Hit guaranteed. (180%, 4*) (190%, 5*) (200%, 6*)

Skill 2: Stone Destroyer Edit

Attack all enemies with % Physical Attack. Stun one target or more at a certain rate for 2 turns. (100%, 4*) (120%, 5*) (140%, 6*)
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