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Master Pilot Nia (Awakening)
Nia Awakened Screen(1)
"The Fragment of Destruction gave Bolt its own consciousness, heightening 'bolt's power & synergy with its Master Pilot & engineer, Nia.
Nia Skill Icons (4)

Perpetual Machine

Becomes immune to all damage for 3 turns.
In Adventure Mode: Becomes immune to debuffs for 2 turns.

Protect all allies from damage 2 times.

Nia Skill Icons (1)


Inflicts 120% Magic Damage on all enemies.

Enemy formations will be disrupted and randomizes the position

of all enemies.

In Adventure Mode: Piercing will take effect.
Nia Skill Icons (2)

Mirage Sword

Inflicts 150% Magic Damage on 4 enemies.

Additionally, piercing will take effect and electrifies the

enemy for 2 turns at a certain rate.

Nia Skill Icons (3)

Rocket Smasher

Inflicts 120% Magic Damage on all enemies.

Additionally, ignores the enemy's Defense.

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