Mir's Master Rin

5 Stars Icon
Rin5 Icon
Mir's Master Rin Four Lords icon Four Lords
Water Element Water
Stats Lv. 30 +0 Lv. 50 +5
Health Icon
850 3795
Attack Icon
562 2297
Defense Icon
243 1163
Speed Icon
26 26
How to acquire: Dark Sanctuary (Easy & Normal 11-6 ~ 11-10); Rank Up Emperor's Daughter Rin
When Rin moved into the palace, her dragon, Mir, moved with her. She quickly became known as "Mir's Master" around the palace.
Crimson Scales

Crimson Scales

Passive Becomes immune to all damage 8 times, and decreases per hit. (This effect also applies to Ignore Armor and Piercing Attacks.) Blinds the enemy for 2 turns at a low chance with each basic attack. (This applies to Counterattack and Speed Attack.) Increases Magic Attack for all allies by 40%.
Draconic Descent

Draconic Descent

90' Inflicts 60% Magic Damage on 4 enemies 2 times. Ignores the enemy's Defense and applies Critical Hit.
Draconic Wrath

Draconic Wrath

90' Inflicts 90% Magic Damage on all enemies. For one target or more, deal an additional Damage of 15% of the target's max HP. Additionally, enemy formations will be disrupted, and randomizes the position of all enemies.


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