Netherworld Heroine Amelia

7 Stars Icon
Amelia7 Icon
Netherworld Heroine Amelia Hidden Masters icon Hidden Masters
Water Element Water
Stats Lv. 30 +5 Lv. 50 +10
Health Icon
2153 6468
Attack Icon
1009 3459
Defense Icon
450 1599
Speed Icon SPD: 33 33
Recommended Equipment
Mhw-attack Speed Attack Jewel Icon Critical Damage
Mhw-defense s Counter Rate Jewel Icon Damage
Activation Accessory icon Critical Damage Jewel Icon Counter Rate
Additional Information
How to acquire: Awaken Heroine Amelia (+5 + 500 Awakening Shards + 300,000 Gold);
Amelia goes after the villains that have kidnapped students. During her battle with the villains, she finds out that their leader is Robin, a boy she used to like. She hesitated for just one moment then Robin cast a spell to send her to the netherworld.
Advanced Nanosuit Advanced Nanosuit Passive Becomes immune to all damage 6 times. If the damage received is higher than the current HP, Survives with 1 HP and becomes immune to all damage 7 times. All allies become immune to debuffs for 4 turns.
Hero's Will Hero's Will Awakened Skill Decreases DEF of all enemies by 50%. Becomes Agile. Protects all allies from debuffs 4 times. Removes debuffs from all allies.
Response to Crisis Response to Crisis 85' Inflicts 90% Magic Damage on all enemies 2 times. Ignores the enemy’s Defense. Reduces the enemy’s buff duration by 3 turns. Removes debuffs from all allies.
Blocked! Blocked! 90' Inflicts 90% Magic Damage on all enemies 2 times. Ignores the enemy’s Defense. Critical Hit will take effect.

Stuns at a certain rate for 2 turns.

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Exclusive Item }}
Amelia's Comic Book
Amelia's Comic Book
Stage 1
Lethal Rate +20%
Stage 2
Skill Cooldown -20%
Stage 3
Hero's Will
Hero's Will
Hero's Will

Decreases required awakening gauge.

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