Night Crow Teo
Teo Defense Crop
Night Crow Teo Stats Base Max
Teo Fosho
1086 4849
696 2895
328 1525
31 31
Four Lords of Old

"The only thing we know for certain about Teo is that he is a member of the Night Crow"

Teo Passive Ic

Crow Vision

Become immune to damage 3 times.

Becomes immune to all damage 4 times. Additionally, revives once for 4 turns. Applies Critical Hit and ignores the enemy's Defense for Normal attacks. (This applies to Counterattack and Speed Attack.) Becomes immune to all debuffs during Immortality.

Activated Skills CD
Talon Strike
Teo Talon Strike Icon
Inflicts 80% Physical Damage on all enemies 2 times. Additionally, piercing and Critical Hit will take effect. 80'
Corvus Eclipse Slash
Teo Corvus Eclipse Icon
Inflicts 70% Physical Damage on all enemies 2 times. Additionally, reduces the enemy's buff duration by 3 turns. Ignores the enemy's Defense. 90'

Teo Edit

"Witness... my power." - Teo

Latest Appearance Episode 22
Story Ep22 Teo Render

Backstory Edit

Four Lords Ace FULLMOONsml

When Teo was young, he followed his father to Moonlit Isle. There Ace's grandfather planned to combine forces in an attempt to make peace on the isle. The citizens were immediately threatened by the great sword skills of Teo and created a rebellion. The rebels & a combination of small groups, assassinated Ace's grandfather. Upon hearing the news, Teo was filled with Rage. He charged to the enemy headquarters alone, annihilating them. Word spread quickly about Teo's battle. From this he became known as "Wind Blade" & one of the Four Lords. Teo however had no care for titles & he quickly gave up the title of four lord as well.

Following the defeat of the rebels & assassination of Ace's grandfather, Ace's father became lord of Moonlit Isle.. Teo quickly regretted his outrageous acts fearing Ace would be corrupted by his father he returned to the Aisha continent. Sometime later, Ace became lord of the island, following in his father's footsteps. Teo was asked to teach Ace his sword skills, He accepted.

Teo was a strict & demanding Teacher. He became frustrated with Ace's lack of progress. Eventually, Teo determined Ace could never catch up with his training & As a result gave up teaching Ace. He searched for a new pupil.

This search lead him to Evan. Teo & Evan are currently training together. Teo is good friends with Orly, a friendly rival of Karl Heron and is an adoptive father figure to a young child who was previously a part the rebel group that assassinated Ace's grandfather.

Teo Icon AprilFool
Teo Stats 40

Ranks Edit

Teo Lore 4star
Screenshot 20170331-145246
Screenshot 20170331-145324
Teo Lore 5star

Evil Vanquisher Teo (Awakened)Edit


Evil Vanquisher Teo

7 Stars Icon
Teo7 Icon
Evil Vanquisher Teo Four Lords of Old icon Four Lords of Old
Fire Element Fire
Stats Lv. 30 +5 Lv. 50 +10
Health Icon
3681 8800
Attack Icon
1544 5050
Defense Icon
661 2050
Speed Icon SPD: 33 33
Recommended Equipment
Mhw-attack Speed Jewel Icon Damage
Mhw-defense s HP Jewel Icon Critical Rate
Activation Accessory icon Critical Damage Jewel Icon Critical Damage
Additional Information
How to acquire: Awaken Teo
Following Orly’s advice, he looked back on his past when he refused the Power of Destruction. He realized he needed greater power to break the cycle of evil and absorbed the Power of Destruction
Crow Vision (Awaken) Crow Vision (Awaken) Passive Nullifies Piercing Damage. Activates Wild Fury upon 3rd attack or launching a basic attack to the target under Block Nullification effect. Critical Hit will take effect for all attacks.
In PvP Mode:
Applies Damage Block effect for 3 turns on every 3rd attack received.
Dark Crow Tornado Slash Dark Crow Tornado Slash Awakened Skill Inflicts 90% Physical Damage on all enemies 3 times. Decreases the target’s charged Awakening gauge by a fixed amount. Paralyzes a target for 2 turns at a certain rate.
Talon Strike (Awaken) Talon Strike (Awaken) 70' Inflicts 70% Physical Damage on all enemies 3 times. Piercing will take effect. Nullifies target’s Block for 2 turns.
Corvus Eclipse Slash (Awaken) Corvus Eclipse Slash (Awaken) 80' Inflicts 100% Physical Damage on all enemies 2 times. Ignores the enemy’s Defense. Decreases the enemy’s buff duration by 3 turns.
Passive Info Passive Info Effect Info
Wild Fury:
Inflicts 100% Physical Damage 3 times on 1 enemy with the highest Defense. Piercing will take effect. Decreases the enemy’s buff duration by 3 turns.
Damage Block:
Can’t inflict any damage except Status Effects until the Damage Block is removed. Casts a shield that transfers all damage to the caster.
Exclusive Item }}
Teo’s Seal of Night Crow
Teo’s Seal of Night Crow
Stage 1
Crit Damage +30%
Stage 2
Lethal Rate +20%
Stage 3
Crow Vision (Awaken)
Crow Vision (Awaken)
Crow Vision'

For 1 hit, the damage received will not exceed 20% of max HP.

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