Skills & Statistics Edit

Great Mage's Advent Orly
Orly Awakening Render(1)
Stat Icons SPD
Stat Icons HP SML
1892 4691
Stats Icon ATK SML
965 2755
Stat Icons Def SML
432 1363
Skill CD Info
Insightful Light
Insightful Light
Passive Becomes immune to all damage 7 times.

Critical Hit will take effect for all Skills. Decreases the Awakened skill activation gauge slightly. Decreases DEF of all enemies by 60%.

Singularity of Light
Singularity of Light
A Skill The following effect will automatically be applied when the Awakening

gauge is fully charged. Evades Damage from all attacks. (Cannot Evade if hit with an incapacitating debuff.) Increases Debuff Resist Rate by 50%.

Noble Meteor
Noble Meteor
95' Inflicts 100% Magic Damage on all enemies 2 times. Randomizes enemy formations and positions. Reduces the enemy’s buff duration by 3 turns
Thundering Cry of Light


Thundering Cry of Light

55' Inflicts 120% Magic Damage on 4 enemies 2 times. Decreases any hit shield buffs by 3 hits. Blinds at a certain rate for 2 turns. The skill will be changed to Roaring Gale when used.
Roaring Gale
Roaring Gale
55' Inflicts 70% Magic Damage on the 3 enemies with the highest Physical Attack or Magic Attack 3 times. Piercing will take effect. Removes Buffs. The skill will be changed to Thundering Cry of Light when used.
Special Equipment
Orly Equipment Icon
O'rlys Parasol
LVL 1 Damage +20% LVL 2 ATK + 20%
LVL 3 Roaring Gale: Number of targets affected increased to 4.

Background Edit

Orly7 Icon
Magic Hero Icon
She always had the potential, but used to show little interest in magic. After her fiancé died, she turned to White Magic. She entered Magic School at a much older age, but she graduated as the youngest person ever to ace all of the exams.

After falling for Teo when she met him on Moonlit Isle, she joined him in the war and saved many lives. When her friend Ace lost his grandfather and the war ended, she headed for Endless Rampart with Teo.

As tensions arose between herself and Yeonhee to prevent the war, she completely mastered White Magic. After creating the Night Crow with Teo, she spends her time investigating the Power of Destruction while attempting to prevent the war

After the Great Mage’s death, she rose to the tier that uses the most advanced White Magic. Once she was infused with the Power of Destruction, she was able to wield the two powers.

Hidden Masters icon
Night Crow
Orly6 Screen
Special Equipment
Orly Equipment Icon
Orlys Parasol
Damage +20%
ATK + 20%
Level 3: Roaring Gale Number of targets affected increased to 4.

Costumes Edit

Waltz of the Frost Flower
Orly Costume
Topaz Icon
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