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Pascal is the secret child of the previous emperor and was separated from his father when he was young. His father searched Aisha for him & and eventually reunited with his son. Pascal becomes the heir to the throne and in line to become the next emperor. During Pascals rule he unified the Aisha continent but also eliminated many tribes, cults and cultures in the process (including Asura’s cult). Despite this he was seen as a noble and just ruler. Later, he meets a young girl with the ability to be friend dragons. He adopts her, and the young girl grows to become Rin, one of the Four Lords , and eventually the Regent of Aisha.

Pascals counselor. Bai Jiao, was seemingly manipulating Pascals rule over Aisha. was brainwashed by his counselor, Bai Jiao. It was surprising for a benevolent king that united a country to suddenly act so differently. But, according to Karma's letter to the Seven Knights, Pascal was aware of Bai Jiaos actions. Pascal's true plan started when he initiated the war to unite the whole Aisha continent, as he was very interested in the Fragments of Destruction. His goal was to gather all the fragments to become all powerful, which was why he wanted to unite the country, as the fragments were scattered around the whole Aisha continent.

Post War / Attempted Awakening
WB Demon of Destruction
After the war, Pascal focused his attention towards the 7 remaining fragments located in the Asgar continent. Using Dellons as bait, he was able to lure the other Seven Knights towards him, where he'd use the fragments of destruction to absorb there power.

The power proved to be too much for Pascal to handle.The influence of the fragments overflowed through his body and transformed the Emperor into a monstruosity. In Episode 9, Bai Jiao ellaborates by saying "a half-blood can only receive so much power, it was inevitable this would happen". Because he wasn't a descendant of the ancient and a pure blood, like Karin, Pascal was unable to transform into a god,. and he was transformed into a hideous creature instead.

The tragedy of Pascal is hidden to the public and his fate is kept a secret to Aisha’s people. After becoming a demon, Karma and Rin overpowered the demon Pascal and sealed him deep inside the palace. Since Pascal is still alive, Rin goes by the title of regent but still takes on all of the emperor's duties and responsibilities.

Titles & Ranks
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