Powering/Fusing Heros Edit

When you have a influx of heros its best to Fuse or Power them up Edit

Rachel RankUp

Who to keep/ Who is fodder? Edit

1-  First you'll need to decide which heroes you need/ don't need(E:4.13). Edit

  • 1.11 Then Power up the 3*4*/5* Heroes you dont need & fuse them using  fodder gained from farming as materials
  • 1.12- Refer to Fodder Spread for the most efficient way to power up heroes
  • 1.13- Some general Hero's of note to keep: Any Special Hero, Crusaders, most heroes with awakenings    
  • 1.2- Once you have a solid 6* Hero rank up other copies of that hero to 6* to transcend
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