Rei Edit

Backstory Edit

She became a member of the lunar guardians, she was special for using azure daggers. Suprisingly, the daggers themselves are gold, but the sharp blades shine blue in the moonlight. (4* Azure Dagger Rei)

Eventually, she became a soldier and only come out at night when everyone else is asleep. They are the soldiers of the night. (5* Night Soldier Rei)

Because of Rei's outstanding tenacity, it has earned her the title of Tenacious Hunter Rei. Her tenacity is legendary. (6* Tenacious Hunter Rei)

Passive: Hide Edit

Becomes untargettable to enemies for _ turn(s). Additionally, reduce Damage for 5-target AOE attacks by 50%. Also, immune to debuffs. (1 turn, 4*) (2 turns, 5*) (3 turns, 6*)

Skill 1: Nimble Lethal Blow Edit

Attacks all enemies with % Physical Attack. Piercing guaranteed. (65%, 4*) (70%, 5*) (80%, 6*)

Skill 2: Dagger Deluge Edit

Attacks all enemies with % Physical Attack. Bleeds one target or more with % Attack at a certain rate for 2 turns. (65%, 35%, 4*) (70%, 40%, 5*) (80%, 50%, 6*)

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