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Ultimate Guardian Rudy[]


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3881 10676
754 2449
686 2379
As the long-standing protector of Mystic Woods, and earning a place on the

Throne of Light, Rudy was acknowledged as the Ultimate Guardian by the people.




Skill CD Description

Sturdy Shield

Passive Increases the Defense of all allies by 60%. Additionally, Block will be applied for all Damage received. Decreases fixed damage received by all allies by 75% 3 times.


75' Inflicts 100% Physical Damage on the 1 enemy with the highest Physical Attack or Magic Attack 3 times. Inflicts damage equal to 30% of the enemy’s max HP. Stuns the enemy for 2 turns at a certain rate. Reduces the enemy's buff duration by 4 turns.

Defense Preparation

74' Reduces all damage received by 80% and becomes immune to debuffs for 3 turns. (If hit with the Death debuff, receives 100% Physical Damage.) Protects all allies from damage 1 time.


Rudy is a war orphan and was raised by his adoptive father, the last 'Knight of Light,' along with childhood friend and fellow orphan named Ariel.

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Rudy joined the army in hopes of becoming a knight, and there he met Kris during his time in the knight's academy. Initially both were polar opposites of each other due to their opposing personalities, but recognizes each other in terms of skills. Being inspirational to one another, their constant strive for greatness led to a friendly rivalry. The two soon stood out and displayed amazing talent despite of their age.

Despite being friends with each other, an evil scheme was formed by the nobles. The fight for the Seat of Light. And then, the rivalry became a representation between commoners and nobles, Rudy for the commoners and Kris for the nobles.

As the time drew near, they learned that in order to get the Seat of Light one must die and one must remain a victor. Because of this Rudy distanced himself in fear of losing their cherished friendship.

But one day, Kris got tricked by Dellons and became ineligible for the title. Rudy feels a great responsibility and pressure after becoming one of the Seven Knights and is always pushing himself the hardest he can.

When Pascal goes insane, Rudy meets the other knights and travel to Aisha to defeat him. Rudy is in charge of protecting Terra, but he does not know that he unfortunately left Terra in a poor shape as an evil king took over the kingdom. Baron Lune leaves a will before his death and reveals to Elysia her royal status. She starts a revolution and the people of Terra no longer want Rudy to enter the kingdom. Elysia becomes a queen and after Aragon is awakened, realizes why Rudy had to leave.


Guild Guardian

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