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Savior Espada (Awakening)
Espada Screen (1)(2)
"After ridding herself from all demonic influences, Espada continued her quest to fight'demons. She was called the savior after saving multiple lives from demons."
Espada Skills (2)

Magic Neutralizer

Reduces the Magic Damage received by all allies by 55%. Additionally, Block will be applied for all Damage received.
Espada Skills (3)

Emancipating Wave

Inflicts 1000% Magic Damage on 1 enemy.
In World Boss Mode (NMW): Decreases Enemies DMG & Defense by 50% for 2 turns

Increase DMG recieved by 80% for 4 turns

Espada Skills (4)


Inflicts 600% Magic Damage on 1 enemy.

Additionally, ignores the enemy's Defense and kills the enemy after 2 turns at a certain rate.

(Inflicts 100% Physical Damage if the enemy is immune to all debuffs.)

Espada Skills (1)

God's Judgment

Inflicts 120% Magic Damage on all enemies.

Additionally, piercing will take effect.

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