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Tower Manager
Sebastian Awakening Screen Small(1)
Becomes immune to all damage 4 times. (This effect also applies to Ignore Armor and Piercing Attacks.) Decreases the Defense of all enemies by 50%.

*Becomes immune to all damage 8 times.

Sebastian Skills Magician’s Intellect

Magician’s Intellect

Inflicts 60% Magic Damage on all enemies 2 times. Piercing will take effect.

*Increases Physical Attack and Magic Attack for all allies by 200% 4 times.

Sebastian Skills Magic Amplification

Magic Amplification

Inflicts 50% Magic Damage on all enemies 3 times. Increases damage by 300% for each empty enemy slot . Burns the enemy 3 times at a certain rate. When activated, inflicts up to 20% of max HP. A. Skill
Sebastian Skills Research Outcome

Research Outcome

Backstory Edit

Tower Manager Sebastian(1)
My parents forced me to graduate from Magic School so I did... but where will I find a job? Is the Dark Magic Research Tower my only option? They do offer a high salary...

You've been at the Research Tower longer than me, but this is all the magic you're capable of? You seem pretty smart though... why don't you work under me and help with my research? - Velika

I guess he looks kind of smart, but he's weak without the magic weapons he created. How about finding a way to magnify my magic powers? - Sylvia

I almost died while being implanted with the Fragment of Destruction. When I woke up, only the piles and piles of research papers surrounded me. I'm hurt.

Stats Edit

Sebastian7 Icon
Nav-Button Skills
Stat Icons HP SML
1689 4439
Stats Icon ATK SML
887 2653
Stat Icons Def SML
383 1112
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