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White Wolf Soi

7 Stars Icon
Soi7 Icon
White Wolf Soi White Wolf icon White Wolf
Fire Element Fire
Stats Lv. 30 +5 Lv. 50 +10
Health Icon
1672 4931
Attack Icon
850 2880
Defense Icon
363 1308
Speed Icon SPD: 30 30
Recommended Equipment
Mhw-attack Speed Jewel Icon Damage
Mhw-defense s HP Jewel Icon Crit Rate
Activation Accessory icon Critical Damage Jewel Icon Critical Damage
Additional Information
How to acquire: Awakening 6☆ Soi (x300 A.Shards) | Normal Hero Awakening Selector
She hovered between life and death for a long time because of the curse of destruction,

but when Feng Yan brought help from Evan, she was finally freed and became a White Wolf.

Scout Scout Passive Protects all allies from being petrified for 6 turns. All allies become immune to all debuffs related to Physical/Magic Attack or Damage for 6 turns. Increases Physical Attack and Magic Attack of all allies by 50%. Becomes immune to all damage 5 times.
Wind Wings Wind Wings Awakened Skill Resets cooldowns of all allies.

All allies become immune to damage 3 times. Increases Physical Attack and Magic Attack for all allies by 200% 5 times.

Heart Shot Heart Shot 70' Inflicts 650% Physical Damage on 1 enemy.

Additionally, piercing will take effect. Removes buffs from the enemy.

Piercing Feathers Piercing Feathers 100' Inflicts 80% Physical Damage on all enemies 2 times.

Additionally, Critical Hit will take effect. Additionally, removes the debuffs on all allies.

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Exclusive Item }}
Soi’s Father’s Quiver
Soi’s Father’s Quiver
Stage 1
Block Rate + 30%
Stage 2
Skill Cooldown -20%
Stage 3
Piercing Feathers
Piercing Feathers
Increases all allies’ Awakening gauges other than the caster’s when using the skill.

Soi Edit


Backstory Edit

Born into nobility, she followed her father on hunts with the family hawks. She eventually became skilled enough to go hunting alone with the hawks. (4* Hawk Hunter Soi)

In addition to hawk training, she became a skilled archer. She can now hunt even without her hawk's help. (5* Hawk Archer Soi)

She and her hawk are so in sync that she can even visualize her hawk's view. Her amazing understanding of her hawk has earned her the title of Hawkeye. (6* Hawkeye Soi)

Passive: Scout Edit

All allies become immune to 5-target AOE attacks for _ turn(s) (1 turn, 4*) (2 turns, 5*) (3 turns, 6*)

Skill 1: Heart Shot Edit

Attacks an enemy with % Physical Attack. Additionally, activate Lethal Attack and deal % of the target's max HP as additional damage. (160%, 10%, 4*) (170%, 15%, 5*) (180%, 20%, 6*)

Skill 2: Piercing Feathers Edit

Attack 3 enemies with % Physical Attack. (110%, 4*) (130%, 5*) (150%, 6*)

Shepherd of Destruction
Soi - Shepherd of Destruction icon Soi - Shepherd of Destruction Screen Soi - Shepherd of Destruction Promo
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