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Spike Ice Tyrant
"Unconfimed rumors say Spike is the son of Queen Lania. Her bitter cold heart allows him to use powerful Ice Magic as a berserker" "Spike became the Ice Judge of the Frozen Land by unleashing his savage berserker skills. He dreams of making the Frozen Land the most powerful region of Terra"' "A self made tyrant with plans to immerse the world in the bitter cold. It seems that Spike won't stop until his frozen heart is thawed."'
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Spike is a half human half ice elf berserker who carries a giant axe. He was born with an Ice heart during a big earthquake which can make him endure any cruel nature and freeze everything by the coldness from his body. He became the lone king of Frozen Land and was called Ice Berserker of Frozen Land. He is also a sworn brother of Jave, a fellow seven knight..

Spike grew up alone in a castle , full of the ice elves that raised him. He gained a lot of knowledge from the ice elves. However, he has never been in love like other people until he became adult. One day there was a group of travelers stopped at his castle for a rest before they continued their journey. Spike heard that he is the only son of Ice Queen Lania. He was abandoned by Lania in childhood. His hatred towards her made the fragment of destruction became stronger and awaken.

Spike decided to take over the throne from Lania, so he trained himself to succeed his goal.

Latest Story Appearance Episode 15 Burning Ice Heart

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