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Episode 2:

☀Dellons Strikes Back

Episode 3:

☀The War Begins

Episode 4:

☀Burning Sea

Episode 5:

☀Invisible Threat
Episode 6:
Wukong vs. Jave
Episode 7:
Resurrection of Kris
Episode 8:
Banquet of Death
Episode 9:
The Awakening

Episode 10:

☀The Curse of Destruction

Episode 11:

☀The Chaos of Light
Episode 12:
☀The Madness of the Darkness
Episode 13:
☀The Darkness Quickens

Episode 14:

Defeated by the Heavens

Episode 15:

☀Burning Ice Heart

Episode 16:

☀Heaven’s Staircase

Episode 17:

☀The Return of the Supreme Ruler

Episode 18:

☀Rescue by Good and Evil

Episode 19:

☀Immortal Successor

Episode 20:

☀The Time Traveler

Episode 21:

☀Aloof Yellow Smoke

Episode 22:

☀Heavenly Sword
Episode 23:
☀Prophecy of Resurrection
Episode 25:
☀Dark Movements
☀A General's Virtue
Awakening Stories
Episode7-Kris Defeated
Wukong Background(2)
Awakening Ace
Spike Awaken Render xSML
RachelAwk big
Eileene Episode Render
Branze & B
Episode18 Bransel SML Render
Vanessa Awaken Render SML
Kagura Mother Render(1)
Lu Bu
Episode26-Lu Bu

Prologue Edit

Storyline script

"On the day the sun refuse to rise, it is said that twelve chosen humans of earth were blessed by the God of Destruction to wield a portion of his strength. Among them, Seven were chosen in the land of Asgar. Their deadly powers threatened each other, and war seemed to be inevitable. The Goddess Ellena, taking pity upon these acts of humans, selected a boy as her tool to prevent war, bestowing her powers deep within his consciousness. Evan, the granchild of the General of Terra Kingdom, sets out of a journey to fulfill his grandfather's will to unveil the secrets of his heirloom necklace. Accompanied by Karin, the girl whom Evan saved from a Goblin attack that destroyed everything she holds dear, Evan now journeys deep into the crisic world of the Seven Knights..."

Yui's Song Edit

*Currently In progress

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