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Aragon XL
Episode23 Platin Small

Aloof Yellow Smoke

Prophecy of Resurrection

Ace managed to avert the crisis that threatened the Moonlit Isle, but he wasn't able to save anyone in the end.
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Location: Moonlit Isle
- Defender of Conviction -

Defender of ConvictionEdit

Story Ace Slash MED
I knew I was walking into a trap, but...

I didn’t think it would be this bad.

Story Episode22 Ace Square
Is this the end...?
Story Ace TeoEntrance MED
Story Episode22 Teo MED
It seems your strength has wained.
Story Episode22 Evan MED
What should we do, master?
Story acee awakenmed
D-did you just call him... Master?

Please, give me the same

training you gave Evan, Master.

Story Episode22 AceTeoEvan
Do you wish to become stronger?
Story Ep22 Teo Render
I couldn’t save anything with my hands.
Story acee awakenmed

You’re able to wield the Moonlight Sword now, but I’ve heard of a power that even surpasses the famous sword.

Story Episode22 AceTeoEvan
A power even your grandfathercouldn’t attain. If you wish to uncover its secrets, then go to the Moonlit Ruins.
Ace departs for Moonlit Ruins
Is the secret really hiding in a place like this..? It’s been 15 days already..and I can’t find any trace of it.
Story 22 MoonSplit LRG
What’s that? I couldn’t see any text before, but...
Story Ep22 AWK Render MED
As I part the clouds and gaze through the pale moonlight, the falling snowflakes turn to ash, fluttering away, and the outstretched wings take to the endless, silvery sky.
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