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The Chaos of Light

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Bai Jiao
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Story Art Dellons
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Episode8 Rudy-s

The Curse of Destruction Edit

The Curse of Destruction
StoryArt Bai Jiao
Bai Jiao:
Apologies for being late, Dellons. Let’s hurry up and finish this.
Episode10 Dellons crop
Hrmph, don’t rush me. Bear witness! The curse of destruction will take root, and the world will be filled with death.
Death is impartial. No one can escape death forever - not even you guys. I will finish this myself.
???: Dellons, it is too late. Return immediately.
Episode10 Dellons crop
Psh, those guys came unnecessarily early. I’ll take care of you guys next time.
Episode 10(2)
Story Art Kris med

The curse of destruction? What could he mean?

Episode8 Rudy-s
I saw Pascal’s Fragments of Destruction get dispersed in different directions.

Could that have something to do with it?

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