Noho's Records: Prophecy of Resurrection Edit

Location: Unknown Temple

Heroes involved
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Platin Branze & Bransel

Prophecy of Resurrection Edit

O Goddess, we have arrived on this foreign land as you have instructed.

Forgive me for not seeking your guidance from our own temple... This

world is also becoming desolate due to a series of wars. Aid us, so that

we may prevent the destruction of this world, and resurrect our own

before the same calamity that befell our world repeats once again.

Episode 23 Godess Cropd
O Priest,

the Destruction

has begun

Gather the power that destroys the

world, and bring it to me, for that is the

only way to resurrect your glorious past.

*In progress
Ep23 branzel SML
We just,uh,played..a little joke in Mercure’s laboratory.
Episode23 Platin Small
I suppose Mercure will get upset again.
Episode23 Branze SML
Hmph, who cares how that guy feels?

So? What did the Goddess say?

Did she say anything?

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