Kagura Backstory

Story & Lore - Kagura
Kagura Background Crop
The 8 serpent sword, the legendary sword that sealed harochi the 9 headed serpent.

One day the seal that had been closely guarded for generations broke! And the

dark energy that had been contained within swiftly consumed my clan.

Kagura Trailer 1stMED
When even my sister had finally collapsed, my mother, a shaman casts a seal with a

determined look on her face.The dark energy soon subsided but my mother lost her life in return.

Kagura Mother Death Crop
The peace brought by her sacrifice was short-lived, for the seal of the 8 Serpent sword

broke again due to the curse of destruction

Kagura Trailer Crop
I tried to cast the Seal and sacrifice my own life, just as my mother did before me, but then.....
Kagura Trailer2 Crop
A single serpent emerged from the sword and bit my hand. Harochi's curse started to consume

my body.I have to find a way to seal harochi....Before the curse devours me.

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