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Dellons Strikes Back

On the day the Sun refuse to rise...
Prologue 1
It is said that twelve chosen Humans of Earth were blessed by the God of Destruction to wield a portion of his strength.
Prologue 2
Seven of the twelve hail from the land of Asgar, where their newfound power threatened each other to brink of war.
Prologue 3
The Goddess Elena, taking pity upon these acts of humans, selected a boy as her tool to prevent war, bestowing her powers deep within his consciousness.
Prologue 4
The boy, Evan, now sets out on a journey to unlock the secrets of an ancient family heirloom. Evan, the grandchild of the General of Terra Kingdom, sets out of a journey to fulfill his grandfather's will to unveil the secrets of his heirloom necklace.
Prologue 5
Accompanied by Karin, the girl who Evan saved from a goblin attack that destroyed everything she holds dear...
Prologue 6
Evan now journeys deep into the crisic world of the Seven Knights...
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