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Immortal Successor

Aloof Yellow Smoke

Location: Unknown (The Futue)

Hero Introduction: Vanessa

Narator: Vanessa

The Time Traveler Edit

As a time traveler, I came back to stop the catastrophe.
Storyep21 introMed
Vanessa Awaken Render SML
Vanessa :
I saw the future. The power of destruction placed a curse upon this world, and all living beings struggled to break free from it. But they all succumbed to their doom in the end. My friends were among them.I was helpless to stop the world’s destruction. Hurry, before it's too late...
Story EP22 Action1MED
Story Episode21 Eileene
Eileene’s already gone berserk?
Vanessa Awaken Render SML
Vanessa :
She must be stopped before she fully absorbs the power of destruction.

And Rachel...That means I'm left with only one option...

StoryArt - Episode20-3
Vanessa Hourglass LRG
Story Vanessa2Med
I barely escaped the confines of time.
Vanessa Awaken Render SML
Vanessa :
I came here to prevent the catastrophe and save my friends. With the power I gained

through this long journey, I waited for the opportunity to help you.

Rachel, Eileene... I really wanted to see you again... I’ll protect you both,no matter what
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