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A popular and powerful knight, known for his great determination and spirit to bring justice to the kingdom of Terra. It is likely tgus was before Elysia’s coronation. He was also a former travelling companion of Teo. One day, Sylvester learned interesting information in the Terra's library about a power of destruction. He began to study and research the power of destruction. He sought out to tried to collect the power of destruction and purge it to free the world from danger. He collected the pieces & attempted to purge the power of destruction but failed terribly. The power started to burst and spread around the world.

Awakening & Season 2

From that day ,Sylvester went on to live a life full of guilt and regret. He eventually meets Mercure meets him and Dellons encourages Mercure to experiment on Sylvester, since he was studying magic. Platin hears this and is completely against the experiment. The powerful & popular knight becomes Mercure's lab rat and loses his memory. Even after losing his memory, Sylvester still remains a loyal knight and tries to stop all
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Dark Justice Silvesta

  • Stats** 📊
    • 40 +5 |  50 +10
    • HP | 5727 |8650
    • M. Attack | 3002 |4750
    • Def. | 1381 |2170
    • Speed |33 |33
    • Skills**📝

Skill                          CD                 Description

  • Knight’s Will: | Passive | Applies Marker Nullification effect to the caster. Nullifies *Piercing* Damage. Ignores the enemy’s DEF when using a skill. Additionally, goes Berserk for **7** turns if damage received is higher than current HP.
  • Dark Purification: | A.Skill | Inflicts **100**% Magic Damage on 4 enemies **3** times.Amplifies Burn effect 2 times.Decreases the targets’ charged Awakening gauge by a fixed amount. Resets used Awakening skill.
  • Agony of Condemnation | 110' | Inflicts 80% Magic Damage on 4 enemies 3 times. Critical Hit will take effect. Has a high chance to Burn the target. Launches [*Chain Attack*] when target is dead.
  • Dark Strike**: | 110' | Inflicts 100% Magic Damage on all enemies 2 times. Increases the enemies’ skill cooldowns by 20 seconds. Has a high chance to Burn target.
  • Berserk*: | Effect | Removes debuff(s) when activated. Survives with 1 HP while the buff is activated; the following buffs will additionally be applied. Becomes immune to debuffs. Increases Debuff Success Rate by **30%** for all Magic type allies for 7 turns.
  • Chain Attack*: | Effect | Allows for **1** extra attack when activated. The effect can only be activated **once**.

♘ **Exclusive Item**♞

  • Silvesta’s Evidence of Purification | Description
    • Stage 1: | [Dark Purification]: Decreases required awakening gauge.
    • Stage 2: | Skill Cooldown -20%
    • Stage 3: | [Dark Strike] Priority Effect; Reduces the enemy’s buff duration by 3 turns. This effect activates first.
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