Radiant Necromancer Sylvia
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Sylvia Awakening Render
With the help of Velika, Sylvia entered the Dark Magic Research Tower to further her studies with spirits.

There, she mastered a new type of magic called necromancy.

Skills Edit

Radiant Demon
Radiant Demon
Passive Increases Lethal Rate of the caster. Increases Accuracy Rate. (Accuracy

Rate decreases Evasion Rate.) Becomes immune to all debuffs regarding Physical Attack, Magic Attack, or Damage.
Guild Dungeon Mode Settings:
Increases the Magic Attack by 100%. (This also applies to Counterattack and Speed Attack, and stacks with normal Attack increase or Magic Attack increase effects.) (※ATK Increase and ATK Amplification will be applied at the same time.)

Dark Necromancy
Dark Necromancy
A.Skill Inflicts 120% Magic Damage on 3 enemies 3 times. Ignores enemy’s defense.
Spiritual Breath
Spiritual Breath
45' Inflicts 200% Magic Damage on 1 enemies 2 times. Ignores enemy’s defense.

Guild Dungeon Mode Settings:
Deals 300% of Magic Attack as additional damage. (700% damage inflicted in total)

Weakening Curse
Weakening Curse
70' Inflicts 120% Magic Damage on 3 enemies 2 times. Decreases the enemies’ buff duration by 3 turns.
Sylvia7 Icon
Stat Icons HP SML
1550 4099
Awk Sylvia
Stats Icon ATK SML
875 2641
Magic Hero Icon
Stat Icons Def SML
355 1132
Dark Magic Research Tower
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