He was originally a member of an anti Teo group, but the group was later destroyed by Teo. Teo saw a young Taka and decided to care for him. Taka was the son of a wealthy and possibly noble family, but, as the son of a concubine, his real father paid no attention to him and he wasn't the heir. Taka views Teo and Orly as if they were his actual parents.

During the War of Destruction Taka became renown as a War Mercenary that battled only the Strongest of opponents. After the war he befriends Karl Heron, an equally skilled war mercenary. The two mercenaries travel together & after dueling Teo, they become members of Night Crow. They are told to stay the the Nest (Night Crows base) With no further explanation.

Awakening / Season 2

Arc of Azure Light Taka-0

Orly & Teo help him overcome the power of destruction to awaken. After absorbing the Power of Destruction (with Orly’s help) Taka's senses were heightened, allowing him to achieve extreme speed comparable to that of Kyle. He fights with Kyle and almost defeats him, but Bai Jiao appears and inflicts power of destruction into Kyle. Due to his personality and how often Kyle called him “kid”, it is believed he is around Karl Heron and Ace's age.

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