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Tank Tier List
S+ Tier
Legend Tier Icon Crop
Karl Wukong Nezha Evan
Hero List Karl Awaken Icon
Wukong Awk Icon Render
Nezha7 Icon
Hero List Evan Awaken




Hero List Elysia
Kris7 Icon
Eileene Awakening Icon
Rudy6 Icon-0
S Tier
Master Tier Crop
Spike Vanessa Jave Rook
Spike7 Icon
Vanessa7 Icon Med
Jave6 Icon-0
Hero List Rook Awaken

Tier InfoEdit


This tier is reserved for Meta defining Heroes. They're essential for a competitive speed team, have high survivability, are hard to counter and play multiple roles on a team


Quality Heroes that make up the rest of the Meta. They're In some situations they are as even with S+ but may have one flaw that holds them back from S+ Tier.


These heroes were once a part of the Meta but have started to fall off. They are still used but are outshined by other units.

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