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Tower of Abyss (TOA) is a competitive floor based game mode separated into seasons.

Each season has 31 floors. At the start of a new season their is 1 floor, and a new floor added each day.

Tower of Abyss is currently on its Eleventh Season.

  • After clearing a floor, all heroes used will be unable to participate in Tower of abyss for 3 days
  • Each floor has 3 missions which require you to clear the floor under certain conditions. Each completed Mission rewards the player with 3 ToA Star points.
  • Each floor rewards the player with a minimum of 10 rubies. Certain floors reward 50 rubies.
  • ToA is considered a PvE Game mode. All +PvE buffs apply to Tower of abyss
  • Tower of Abyss Tier List

In Game Description Edit

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Screenshot 20170402-131902
Star Points
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Tower of Abyss Tier List

Tower of Abyss Shop Edit

ToA Shop Content
Item 6* Accessory 6* Accessory Selector Guardians Ring
Cost 200 Star points 500 Star Points 1000 Star Points
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