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Ryu Codex
Passive & Skills
Ryu Passive Crop
Mind's Eye
Becomes immune to all damage for

4 turns.

Protects all allies cooldowns from

increasing for 6 turns.

Protects all allies from being burned

for 4 turns

Ryu Skill1
Airborne Tatsumaki


Inflicts 200% Physical Damage on 3 enemies.

Addtionally, decreases the enemies Damage

and Physical Attack by 40% for 2 turns.

Ryu Skill2
Denjin Hadoken
Inflicts 100% Physical Damage on all enemies.

Additionally, increases the Damage by 20%

each time an enemy dies

Removes buffs from all enemies.

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Ryu Stats 40 Crop
Ryu Stats 30
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