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Master of Hourglass Vanessa
Vanessa7 Render
Seven Knights
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Stat Icons SPD
Stat Icons HP SML
3504 8023
Stats Icon ATK SML
1501 4851
Stat Icons Def SML
640 1969
Skill CD Info
Desert Mage
Desert Mage
Passive Becomes immune to all attacks for 4 turns. If the damage recieved is higher than the current HP, survives with 1 HP. Increases Debuff Resist Rate by 50%.
Turn Back Time
Turn Back Time
A Skill Recovers HP by 100% and becomes immune to all damage for 4 turns.

Charges all allies’ used Awakened Skills other than the caster’s. Charges all allies’ Awakening gauge significantly faster. Removes the debuffs on all allies.

Desert Tidal Wave
Desert Tidal Wave
100' Inflicts 90% Magic Damage on all enemies 2 times. Ignores enemy’s defense. Reduces the enemy’s buff duration by 2 turns. Using the Awakened Skill will change the skill to Enhanced Desert Tidal Wave.
80' Inflicts 100% Magic Damage on 3 enemies 2 times. Inflicts damage equal to 30% of the enemy’s max HP. Decreases any hit shield buffs by 3 hits. Using the Awakened Skill will change the skill to Enhanced Sandstorm.
Special Equipment
Vanessa's Time Record
Vanessa's Time Record
LVL 1 Crit Rate +20% LVL 2 P.ATK/M.ATK +20%
LVL 3 Desert Mage

For 1 hit, the damage received will not exceed 20% of max HP.

Backstory Edit

Vanessa7 Icon Med
Even though Vanessa is a descendant of a mage, her parents did not allow her to learn magic

properly. She got sucked into an hourglass while she and some friends were playing with magic tools without her parents knowing. Vanessa wandered in time, going back and forth between past and future each time the sand in the hourglass ran out. While she traveled through time, her magic and spirit matured, but her body stayed the same as in childhood.She studied magic and became a master of time magic. She came back to the present time with her father’s help, but more than 10 years have already passed.Reminded of the future she saw during her time travel, Vanessa set off to prevent a bigger tragedy from happening. She saved Rachel’s life by stopping her time when she was dying, and became a Seven Knight with Eileene.

Vanessa7 Render

Story Edit

Vanessa7 big
Vanessa's original Timeline: She is from the Flame Desert, like Rachel and descends from the noble

family, Windringer. Hence, her name is Windringer Vanessa. In the book she reads, Vanessa is interested in an old order called the Sky Empire and attempts to open the door to its secrets. She is halted by her father and scolded for disobeying him. When he attempts to make Vanessa promise never to poke her nose into the dangerous world of magic again, Vanessa storms out with anger. Vanessa hated her father for not teaching her magic, despite that she had the blood of a mage running through her veins. Vanessa runs into a group of three children who were seen last time attempting to harass Eileen when Rachel saved her. They tell Vanessa, however that Rachel was bullying them. Vanessa approaches Rachel and Eileen as they're bonding their friendship. Vanessa provokes Rachel into a duel to test her powers against her own. Vanessa summons a huge scorpion out of the ground, who immediately tramples the three bullies and the chapter ends.

After Time Traveling: Vanessa returns to the present, but still feels as though she is still time traveling from continuously moving between times. In the future, she witnesses the curse of destruction which turns the world into a desolate, empty space. She sees her friends among the suffering and returns to the present to change this future. Vanessa appears in time to save Eileen and Rachel from Gelidus and joins the Seven Knights to prevent the world from falling into destruction.

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Vanessa - Messenger of Love icon
Messenger of Love
Vanessa - Messenger of Love screen
Stat Icons HP SML
Vanessa - Messenger of Love
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