Victoria Edit

Backstory Edit

Victoria is the daughter of the fearful Pirate King. It's only natural that she became a pirate herself since she grew up closely observing her father. (4* Pirate Victoria)

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As the daughter of the Pirate King, she had to protect herself from bounty hunters. Victoria honed her sword and gun skills to protect herself. (5* Outlaw Victoria)

Eventually, Victoria took over her father's role as the Pirate King. She eventually solidified her place through her skills and strength. (6* Pirate Queen Victoria)

Passive: Femme Fatale Edit

All allies become Immune to Electrify for _ turns. Additionally, Stun the target for 2 turns when you attack with a very high chance. (2 turns, 4*) (4 turns, 5*) (6 turns, 6*)

Skill 1: Pistol Shot Edit

Attack an enemy with % Physical Attack. Blind the target at a certain rate for 2 turns. (160%, 4*) (170%, 5*) (180%, 6*)

Skill 2: Morale Boost Edit

Increase all allies Physical/Magic Attack by % for 2 turns (35%, 4*) (40%, 5*) (50%, 6*)
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