White Wolf Soi

7 Stars Icon
Soi7 Icon
White Wolf Soi White Wolf icon White Wolf
Fire Element Fire
Stats Lv. 30 +5 Lv. 50 +10
Health Icon
1672 4931
Attack Icon
850 2880
Defense Icon
363 1308
Speed Icon SPD: 30 30
Recommended Equipment
Mhw-attack Speed Jewel Icon Damage
Mhw-defense s HP Jewel Icon Crit Rate
Activation Accessory icon Critical Damage Jewel Icon Critical Damage
Additional Information
How to acquire: Awakening 6☆ Soi (x300 A.Shards) | Normal Hero Awakening Selector
She hovered between life and death for a long time because of the curse of destruction,

but when Feng Yan brought help from Evan, she was finally freed and became a White Wolf.

Scout Scout Passive Protects all allies from being petrified for 6 turns. All allies become immune to all debuffs related to Physical/Magic Attack or Damage for 6 turns. Increases Physical Attack and Magic Attack of all allies by 50%. Becomes immune to all damage 5 times.
Wind Wings Wind Wings Awakened Skill Resets cooldowns of all allies.

All allies become immune to damage 3 times. Increases Physical Attack and Magic Attack for all allies by 200% 5 times.

Heart Shot Heart Shot 70' Inflicts 650% Physical Damage on 1 enemy.

Additionally, piercing will take effect. Removes buffs from the enemy.

Piercing Feathers Piercing Feathers 100' Inflicts 80% Physical Damage on all enemies 2 times.

Additionally, Critical Hit will take effect. Additionally, removes the debuffs on all allies.

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Exclusive Item }}
Soi’s Father’s Quiver
Soi’s Father’s Quiver
Stage 1
Block Rate + 30%
Stage 2
Skill Cooldown -20%
Stage 3
Piercing Feathers
Piercing Feathers
Increases all allies’ Awakening gauges other than the caster’s when using the skill.
Shepherd of Destruction
Soi - Shepherd of Destruction icon Soi - Shepherd of Destruction Screen Soi - Shepherd of Destruction Promo
Health Icon
Attack Icon
Defense Icon
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