Iron Devourer big
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Passive Decreases all enemies’ Lethal Rate by 80%

Applies Block to all attacks.

Speed: 369


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Iron Devourer Constrict
Sea Poison
Sea Poison
Iron Devourer Sea Poison
Ironn Devourer Devour

*Iron devourers speed has not been released yet, players have determined it's less then 370

Guide Edit

Boss Attributes:

Image descriptionImage descriptionImage description Physical Damage; Only middle Head takes DMG; All Block; Formation shuffle

Best DMG Dealer

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Example Team

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Support Heroes

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Iron Devourers Passive decreases your teams Lethal Rate & applies Block for all attacks. You can nullify block by using Snipper (or Atalanta / Platin). Only the middle Head takes damage. You can target the middle head by equipping Lethal items to your hero and / or using a re-direct skill like Asura. The other 2 heads Paralyze & Poison your heroes at a certain rate. This can be removed with debuff removal skills like Aris & Lina or by using Elysia's awakening skill to give your team debuff immunity. Asura also provides 6 turn Paralyze immunity.

Iron Devourer's Constrict skill randomizes your formation, deals 5K Fixed Piercing DMG & removes all debuffs from himself (including Redirect & DMG reduction) so you'll want to keep an eye on this skill throughout the match & apply / re apply debuffs after it's used. Snipper gives immunity to formation changes & is the preferred back liner for this boss.

Skill Rotation *In progress

If ID uses Constrict to start the match follow with Rachel's Decrease DMG Skill. If ID starts with Sea Poison or Devour try to wait until Constrict is used then apply your DMG De - buffs. You want to apply these Debuffs after constrict is used

  • Decrease DMG/Defense - Rachel | Increase DMG - Rachel
  • Nullify Block - Snipper | Increase Damage - Lina

Use Lina & Aris's debuff removal to deal with Poison /Paralyze & make sure to keep Linas DMG buff active.

If using Asura

After constrict is used apply Asura's redirect Skill, targeting the middle head. Then apply Rachel's DMG recieved Debuff, Lina's +ATK skill. Spam Snipper's skills.

Recommended Accessories
6★ 5★ 4★
Luxurious Ring of Sense
Ring of Sense
Paralyze Resistance +60% 40% 20%
Luxurious Ring of Venom
Ring of Venom
Poison Resistance +60% 40% 20%
Ring of Speed
Ring of Speed
Evasion 30% 20% 10%
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