Stormwing big
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Magic Damage
Petrify Icon Sml
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Jake Icon
Reduce Buff Duration; Petrify; Debuff Removal;Magic Damage
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Basic attacks reduce buff duration by 1 turn. Guards all Magic Damage. Decreases Critical rate by 80%
Sky-Splitting Earthquake
SW Skill
Sky-Splitting Earthquake Skill
Storm's Breath
SW Skill2
Storm's Breath skill
Decreases Attack by 80% for 2 turns
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Support Heroes

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Snipper / Soi Team Comp

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Recommended Accessories
6★ 5★ 4★
Luxurious Ring of Earth
Ring of Earth
Petrify Restance +60% 40% 20%
Ring of Speed
Ring of Speed
Evasion 30% 20% 10%
Stormwing Guide

Important Info

A.Snipper is the preferred damage dealer & A.Soi is the preferred Support. Storm Wings Sky-Splitting Earthquake skill removes all debuffs including Rachel's. This makes Passive damage increases (like Ace) very good for this boss. Storm's Breath decreases your teams attack by 80%, Heroes that give immunity to Attack debuffs (like Soi) make this boss a lot easier.

The last effect to worry about is SW's passive which reduces buff duration by 1 turn with each normal attack. Petrify resist accessories are recommended for this fight even with soi's 6 turn of petrify immunity.

Debuff Info

Soi, Jake & Cleo have petrify immunity for all allies. Soi is a better alternative then Jake, and Jake is a much better alternative then Cleo.

Another strategy for dealing with SW's debuffs is using Elysia who gives all allies debuff immunity for 2 turns & debuff immunity 2 times with her Awakening Skill. SW reduces buff duration however, removing 4 turn debuff immunity quickly.

Currently The best way to deal with SW's debuffs without losing out on DMG output is to bring Soi (Petrify) & Petrify resist accessories.

For decreasing SW's defense you can either bring Ace or Yeonhee who doesn't waste time using a skill to decrease defense along with rachel

Skill Priority Your Skill Priority should be: Apply Rachel's DMG recieve debuff, Spam Snippers Skills, Apply Rachels decrease DMG after snippers VS's are gone then use Soi's A.Skill to amplify attack.

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