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Four Lord of Old Yeonhee Otherworld Traveler Yeonhee Finisher Yeonhee
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Yeonhee Six Star(1)
"At the start of the war, she silenced those around her for some peace and quiet, but the people began to call her one of the Four Lords. They believed she was there to protect them." "When the war didn't end despite all of her efforts, she headed to the

shrine to find a solution once and for all. When told that were Knights that could end the war, she traveled to the Otherworld to find them."

"She found the Knights

and returned to her world, but the war had already ended. However, when another war began soon after that, she revealed herself to finish the war."

Yeonhee is woken up of her deep sleep in the beginning of the war of

destruction, so she ends everything in her path. The people saw her as their savior due to ending the war and she became their lord/lady. She is from another world and came the Seven Knight's world to end a war, but when she came, the war had finished and another war has started. She recruits the Dark Knights to help her end future wars but they are not allies. Yeonhee has extreme views as she is willing to end the whole world to prevent chaos caused by the Dark Knights.

She is a superior of Melcure, a Dark Knight, but Melcure doesn't respect Yeonhee so much, but he has more respect for the Captain. Maybe she was the wizard that had put a sleeping spell on Dellons and after he awoke, Dellons gained the ability to predict the future. Yeonhee and Night Crows have a hostile relationship as Teo tries to stop her from ending the world.

Skills Edit

Finisher Yeonhee Stats Base Max
Yeonhee Six Star(1)
1470 4230
773 2770
Yeonhee Insight
Screenshot 20170616-125606
Yeonhee Eternal Sleeo of Annihilation
Screenshot 20170616-125706
Yeonhee Gesture of Destruction
Screenshot 20170616-125648

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Yeonhee - Chief Mechanic icon
Chief Mechanic
Yeonhee Costume
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