Location: Mystic Woods

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Yui's Song: Chapter 1
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The Adventure Begins
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Snipper the Hunter
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Being Framed
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The Start

Karin and Evan go off on an Adventure to find the owner of a pendant mentioned in his Grandfather's Will.

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I guess you're all set. Is Karin going with you? She is. It's an honor to have one of the Seven Knights see us off, Rudy.
Haha, of course I would see you off, Evan! By the way, Ariel is sorry that she couldn't be here. Please give her my regards.
Your grandfather had an odd request in his will - he wanted you to find the "owner of the necklace."
Karin1 big
From what I've heard of Evan's grandfather, he was a great man.
Rudy6 big
He was greatly respected in the kingdom of Terra. I knew him for a long time... if he put that request in his will, it must be very serious
Evan2 big
I always thought this necklace was just a strange family heirloom. I

thought the jewelers and blacksmiths in Terra might be able to help, but they all said they'd never seen anything like it.

Where do you plan to go to search for answers? I was thinking of heading to Fox's Oasis in the Blazing Desert. The Three-tailed Foxes buy and sell information, so I'm hoping they may know something.
Your journey will be a long one, Evan. I envy the adventures that await you. Of course, I would prefer it if you stayed here... It's unlike you to be so sentimental, Rudy. I'm not sure that I'd be much help at your side, though.
Haha, I'm sorry. I guess I've been worrying a lot lately. Please forget what I said. But Evan, don't think so lowly of yourself. You have a gift, and one day, you may even surpass my talents. Ha, I could never be as powerful as you! You're one of the "Seven Knights". You and Kris are the sword and shield of Terra! Terra is the most peaceful place in Asgar because of you.
That's the problem, though. There are two of us, but only one can be the Knight of Light. Are you and Kris still competing for that title? I know that becoming the Knight of Light is the highest honor amongst the Seven Knights, but... Is it worth risking your friendship?
It pains me to say it, but I can't lose to Kris.

I know I'm being stubborn. But when I look at him, something inside me wants to bash his head in. I know this won’t end without a fight.

No matter what the cost is?
My stubbornness may be the end of me. Evan, I will pray to the Goddess that you have a safe journey. Karin, Evan is like a brother to me. Please keep him safe.
Karin1 big
That’s easier said than done.
Rudy6 big
Two lovers traveling the world! It sounds a bit like a romance story.
Evan2 big
Lovers?! We are not lovers! Rudy!
Haha! Your blushing says otherwise! Don’t forget to meet up with Snipper. He'll be expecting you in Mystic Woods. If you need any help, come find me. May the light lead us. May the light lead us! I'll see you once my journey ends, Rudy.
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