Zhao Yun Edit

"So you're the wise leader? The one who can win without even fighting?" - Guan Yu to Zhao Yun


Backstory Edit

His nickname was Little Dragon for his mental and combat prowess. He enlisted when he heard Guan Yu was looking for more soldiers. (4* Wise Leader Zhao Yun)

As a fearless general, he got his nickname when he penetrated through enemy defenses to rescue his comrades. (5* Tiger General Zhao Yun)

Zhao Yun was given the title of Righteous Chancellor when Guan Yu became the Virtuous King. However, the citizens insisted on calling him the Righteous King. (6* Chancellor Zhao Yun)

Passive: Protective Aura Edit

Reduce all damage received by % and immune to debuffs for _ turn(s). (40%, 1 turn, 4*) (50%, 2 turns, 5*) (60%, 3 turns, 6*)

Skill 1: Tornado Thrust Edit

Attack an enemy with % Physical Attack. Additionally, reduce the buff duration for one target or more by 3 turns. (170%, 4*) (180%, 5*) (190%, 6*)

Skill 2: Tornado Spears Thrust Edit

Attack 3 enemies with % Physical Attack. Bleed the target with % Physical Attack for 2 turns. (70%, 35%, 4*) (80%, 40%, 5*) (90%, 50%, 6*)
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